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September 11, 2006

Looking for School Options for your loved one with FASD? [Edmonton]

Are you wondering where your child or other loved one with FASD will go to school?

In Edmonton, there are various pre-school options available.  Our son and daughter with FASD, for example, have been in an excellent pre-school program which is specifically set up for children with FASD, ADHD and sensory integration issues.  However, this program does not continue into grade one.

We hear that there are also some options for junior high. (We will add posts giving more information on these options as we get specific information).  But what happens in the elementary years?  In Sturgeon County, there are specialized programs for children with FASD.  Here in Edmonton, the choices we were given for our son was either to be integrated into a regular classroom, or to be in a behavioral class.  Neither of these are appropriate options for him, as he would be quickly overwhelmed in either situation.  It is difficult for children with permanent brain damage to be integrated into a regular classroom (Read a brief article on what works best for FASD children and schooling).

Not too long ago, parents of autistic children advocated for their children to have a separate school program that met the specific needs of children with autism.  They now have a school where children with autism are taught separately and have their needs met appropriately. We are hoping the same will happen for children with FASD, but in order to do so, parents need to work together and approach the school boards.

We are interested in networking with parents who want better education options for children with FASD.

If such options are of interest to you, please let us know!   Go to the bottom of this page to post a comment (or click on the small "Comments" link just below this post, if you are on a page with many posts on it).

Please provide your name, phone number and/or email address. Please feel free to list any positive or frustrating school experiences in the comments.

We will not post your # or email address on the web, but will keep them on a separate list of people who are interested in better options so that we can keep you informed of developments, email you about meetings, etc.



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