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November 08, 2013


Jeni Kingston

Hi Rob and Wendy,

I'm unsure if you will remember me from the Scott Robertson days...taught both Meekah and Keyshawn in room 3 prior to moving on to coordinating the autism program at the school. At any rate, I remain interested in fasd, and am amazed at all the information you have on your site now. It is a wonderful resource!


Renae Sanford

My name is Renae Sanford, formerly Richards. I no longer live in Medicine Hat and Wholistic Family Legacy Foundation is no longer operational. I am however still very much involved with FASD. I am living in Salmon Arm BC and still teaching FASD Adult Case Management in both BC and Alberta. My e-mail address remains [email protected]. I will be very happy to hear from any persons about FASD. I apologize for disappearing.


[Renae: thanks for updating us on what you are doing these days. I will update the page for the Wholistic Family Legacy Foundation page to reflect this change.
Rob ]

Glena Andrews, Ph.D.


Volunteers are Needed
FASD behavior study
Girls and Young Women ages 12-30

As we continue our research to understand the behaviors that are caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol we have started a new study specifically for girls and young women. We are interested in personality characteristics that may lead to certain types of behaviors that may be self-harming.

Type of Volunteers Needed:
Girls and young women ages 12-30 years with prenatal exposure to alcohol
A diagnosis is not necessary to participate as long as prenatal exposure to alcohol is known.

What must be done?: A care provider will complete the FASD BeST which is a 52 item rating scale about the girl’s or young woman’s behavior. The girl or young woman will complete the EDI-2 which consists of opinion or preference items. The scales will take 15-25 minutes to complete.

Who do we contact? The principal researcher is Dr. Glena Andrews. Contact her at
[email protected] or 208-467-8459. The principal student researcher is Linsey Strader.
We are located in Nampa, Idaho.
The packet with demographic form and consent forms will be sent to you. A postage paid envelope will be included.

If requested we can provide feedback on the information you provide. All information reported will be done in group form. No personal information will ever be given out.

You are invited to read about some of our research at http://www.nnu.edu/academics/academic-departments/behavioral-sciences-cultural-studies/psychology/faculty/faculty-research/

This project has been approved by the Northwest Nazarene University Institutional Review Board.

Wanda Beland - Program and Network Coordinator

Hi, just an update. The information for NWR FASD Society (www.nwr-fasd.ab.ca) has evolved . The best way to get you the info to change would be to go onto our website. Thanks.

Hi Wanda: Thanks for the comment. We've updated the info to include the revised goals and the new phone number.

KerriLynn Lommer

I wanted to share news about a new preschool opening in Edmonton that welcomes ALL children. We have a great team of professionals that have worked as team members for specialized services for children and families. We are bringing our experiences and passion to teaching in the preschool setting.

For more information please visit www.littlecaterpillar.ca

PS- I love your site. What great resources and information.

Brittany Trudeau


I wanted to share another resource available;

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is a not–for-profit organization that provides support, training, volunteer opportunities and employment services for individuals with disabilities, diagnosed with or suspected of having FASD (program offered in Grande Prairie only) and other barriers.

For more information please visit us at www.goodwill.ab.ca

(Thanks for the tip, Brittany -- we'll add a separate post regarding Goodwill)

Michelle Shears

thank you for all your work on this site.

I am having trouble accessing the following document listed on your site: A Training Manual for Trainers: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Related Conditions.

I am unable to access it from the typepad and I have been unable to find it on the net....can you tell me the original source for this document?

(Hi Michelle: Thanks for your email. It seems that the original site has pulled the document. We are very sorry that we do not have a copy, or we would post it here ourselves.)


can you email me the original site, if you still have it somewhere?

this document could be very valuable to us

please email me directly at the email provided below to ensure I receive the information promptly



kelsey Bradburn

Hi I have an update under the heading Metis.

faith like a child video contact name has been changed to Kelsey Bradburn email address [email protected]

Hi Kelsey: Thanks for sending us the update. We appreciate it!

Danna Ormstrup

The Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society is located in High River, Alberta and has the following services:
1) Family and Individual Response - support for those families living with a person with FASD or for those adults who have FASD themsleves
2)Community Response - initiatives, campaigns in the communities that surround Calgary promoting awareness of FASD.
3) Professional Response - Workshops, in services, training sessions for any professional whose services would be enhanced by understanding FASD and best practices associated with supporting families and those affected by FASD.

[Hi Danna: Thanks for letting us know about FFAS. We've added a post at http://fasd.typepad.com/fasd_support_in_alberta/2011/12/foothills-fetal-alcohol-society-high-river.html. Rob]

Nicki Breuer

Hi Rob,
The FAS Bookshelf on Hastings in Burnaby BC closed a few years ago. Their website is still up but they're not in business any more. Would you consider replacing that resource with ODIN BOOKS? We have one of the best selections of books on FASD and are an independent, Canadian bookstore. Our specialty is Mental Health, Education, Special Needs and we've been providing books on FASD for 20 years. We'd really appreciate the support. Thanks.

[Hi Nicki: Thanks for sending us this update and letting us know about Odin. We have added a post with your info.

paula telfer

I am asking that you update all the info related to PCAP. Parent Child Assistance Program with McMan Youth Family and Community Servies. I am the new Program Manager replacing Pat Baceda. Contact infor is 403-508-7721 Thank you!

[Hi Paula: We have updated the page. Thanks so much for letting us know! Rob]

Amanda Amyotte

Is there a section created yet for Conferences in 2013? I would like to share information regarding two upcoming FASD conferences being held in Edmonton in September 2013 - information can be found at www.fasdedmonton2013.ca.

[Hi Amanda: Thanks so much for the heads-up on these two conferences! I have created a post for each, with links to the conference site, and also am listing them on our home page. Best regards, Rob]

Alaina Thursby

Thanks for updating our info. One little mistake though...the spelling is: Bissell Centre.
Also, if you could put my contact info (Alaina Thursby) under the headline Community Education and then for the general information if you could put: Paul Pringle, Manager ([email protected]) and 780-423-2285 ext 132.
Thanks a bunch!

[Alaina: thanks for catching that typo -- so sorry about that! I've corrected it, and added Paul Pringle. let me know if there are other corrections or additions. Thanks! Rob]



I am with the Alberta Centre for Child, Family, and Community Research and we have an event next month that might be of interest to your readers and members:

The University of Alberta, in collaboration with Alberta Health and The Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Reseach, is hosting a seminar entitled, Engaging Professionals and Students in FASD Awareness and Prevention. The seminar has been designed to be of interest to professionals and students (in the faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Law and Education) from across Canada.This seminar is CCCEP approved for three hours (3 credits). The course is also pending CACME accreditation approval along with several other professional associations.

This program about FASD will provide an understanding of FASD and its effects across the lifespan for those working in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, education, counseling psychology, law, social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy. This program will provide participants with the tools required to play an important role in the prevention of FASD and support of individuals with FASD.

This multidisciplinary presentation will feature a pediatric neurologist specializing in FASD, a pharmacist/educator and an individual living with the consequences of FASD.

Feel free to visit our website for more info or contact information.



[Hi: Thanks for letting us know! I'll post it on the site shortly. Rob]

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