Various instructions related to creating post entries
{not for public use, but not secret or anything like that.}

Actual Name of Program if Possible [Location Served]

Description Section:
(from brochure/website if possible)

Contact Info: (delete this section for articles)
Contact person (if available)
Program Name (if applicable)
Agency Name (if applicable)
No, Street, City Prov Postal Code
Tel. 780 555-1234     Fax 780 555-4321

Other Info:
djl;kfj kl;fj kldsfjls;da

If an article, then category = [Article] plus others as applicable (i.e., For Professionals, etc).

If a website which has articles (etc.) but not an agency or actual service, use [Website] or [List of Articles] in place of location served.

Conferences - actual, scheduled conferences and seminars, usually but not always of a regional or provincial scale, open to the public.

Training - lists organizations or individuals who are available to provide specific training (workshops, seminars, etc) to groups, associations, etc., and resources related to such training.